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Bluedio R Driver 12

Bluedio invested 1 million yuan in purchasing BK Acoustics test equipment which comes from Denmark. The aim of this was to create the perfect environment, zero noise room, to create the best timbre sound from these new patented flagship headphones from Bluedio. Their 12 driver setup is patented too.

bluedio r driver 12

Just got these a month ago and I agree. These are definitely made for the bass with that 12 driver design, it makes it truly for the low-end users. And I will say, they definitely sounded odd when I first tried them as well.

Okay for neutral listening. They have a decent audio reproduction but they're a bit bass-heavy and have slightly mismatched drivers. They also do not have the best Soundstage, due to their closed-back design but their overall sound should be good enough for casual listeners especially if you like a little bass.

Bluedio V2 adopt PPS 12 exclusive patents acoustics technology, specially built 12 drivers, We especially add professional S/PDIF Optical Transmission in the audio jack to transmit high-quality digital signal; combined with the high audio resolution,together with the carefully designed compound cavity will accurately reproduce every frequency to make the bass deeper and more powerful.

Since the upgrade to MacOS 12.0.1 Monterey Bluetooth is broken customer wide. Hence pairing works but our driver cannot connect (code worked for MacOS 10.7 - 11.3). The internet reports a lot of Bluetooth issues related to Broadcom BT on Monterey and the Bluetooth Framework has changed significantly by Apple.

If you have knowledge about headphones, earphones or earbuds, then you must know what is the most important thing to hear any music or sound from a headphone. The most important thing in a headphone is the speaker/driver unit installed in its earcups.

On the basis of the driver unit installed in the speaker of any headphones, earphones and earbuds, it is decided that, How good and how loud music or sound is heard from that headphone, earphone or earbuds.

Depending on the size of the driver unit of the headphone, the sound comes more or less. The driver size of headphones is different and the driver size of earphones is different, according to these, the driver size is different in each type of speaker.


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