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I40 Car Buyer ((BETTER))

Unlike the Optima, there's no hybrid option in the i40, just a 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive four-cylinder diesel in 115PS or 141PS guises. This motor has a decent mix of performance and economy, though, which means the i40 is popular with company car buyers. All cars are front-wheel drive with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, although a seven-speed DCT auto is available with the more powerful engine.

i40 car buyer

We don't tend to think of large Hyundais as being especially desirable - but with the i40, the South Korean maker was determined that we should. Their smaller models had always made more sense on paper than those of most rivals, but the larger and pricier a car becomes, the bigger is the role played by badge equity. Which, with this maker, had been slowly building prior to this car's 2011 launch as buyers realised this to be a brand beyond the bargain basement, a marque capable of producing tempting Mondeo-class medium range models like the i40.

Most buyers will be looking at one of the 1.7-litre CRDi diesel models offering either 115 or 136PS. In some respects, the smaller of the two units feels slightly quicker, its maximum pulling power arriving earlier in the rev range. That's because the pokier diesel has longer gearing, a benefit you appreciate at motorway speeds where it's a little quieter. Sixty from rest occupies 12.9s in the 115PS model on the way to 118mph, figures that improve to 10.6s and 124mph thanks to the 325Nm of torque you get in the 136PS variant. A 1.6-litre CRDi engine replaced this 1.7-litre diesel unit in 2018.

Hyundai's i40 is a car that seriously warrants inclusion on the mid-sized passenger car buyer's shopping list, but is so often overlooked. There's nothing wrong with the car, but it always seems to be the bridesmaid to rivals like the Mazda 6.

Hyundai, founded in 1967 is the third largest manufacturer in the world. The South Korean manufacturer operates the worlds largest car factory and provides vehciles to over 193 countries across the world.Why choose a Hyundai?Hyundai has a range of models to suit most NI used car buyers. For used car buyers looking for a SUV, the Tucson and Santa Fe provides all the comfort, space and luxury you would expect nd the Santa Fe boasts a huge 7 seats which will come in handy to fit in the full family and the all of shopping and have space left over. Eco-friendly buyers will be interested in the Kona and Ioniq which are the hybrid range at a good price. Other models include their hatchback range i10, i20, i30 which provide low running costs and a quality in design and build. For a used car buyer looking for more space there is also the i40.

The 2.0-litre petrol engine did the job adequately, but many buyers saw the sense in opting for the turbo-diesel model which, even though it was just a 1.7-litre engine, produced lots of torque and flexibility.

Please check Hyundai i40 car parts catalogfor additional information if you're looking for parts to repair your vehicle.You can search Hyundai i40 parts by VIN number.It is possible to get market price of new or used Hyundai i40 by VIN number.Every buyer must check Hyundai i40 car history before getting a car loan or credit.Buying a used car? Do not forget to read about Hyundai i40 problems, recalls and complaints.Find all the latest facts, figures and Hyundai i40 specs based on year, make and model.Hyundai vehicle history report may contain the following information: title problems, prior damages,unsafe salvage rebuilds, odometer mileage, theft, past sales.

It's unlikely that the purse strings will sway buyers either way. Depending on where you live and what type of incentives are available, these cars largely match up in price. Even if there are a few thousand between them, someone who can afford one is likely to be able to afford the other anyway.

The Volkswagen Golf, a hot-selling import, costs W31.4 million, the Mini at least W29.5 million, and a nondescript Honda Civic W26.9 million. A Toyota Camry costs W33.9 million but just W30 million on special offer. That means a potential car buyer with W30 million to spend has a wide range of imported brands to choose from.

Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, commented that "the launch of the saloon represents the next step of the i40's introduction to the European market, following the very positive reception for the i40 estate. The i40 saloon shares the same qualities found in the estate, including a dynamic design element, and broadens the appeal of the i40 to buyers in the D-segment."

The 1.7-litre diesel should be the engine of choice for most used buyers because the higher powered version brings good acceleration off the line and through the gears, and it's smooth and willing from even pretty low speeds. 041b061a72


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