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The Young Ones

Through the acclaimed Young Ones Student Awards, we aim to identify the best young creative talent from around the world in a variety of creative disciplines. The Young Ones Brief competition tasks students with creating work for different types of clients for the chance to earn a One Show Pencil. The Young Ones ADC competition offers students the chance to earn an ADC Cube by competing in the same disciplines and categories as the ADC Annual Awards. The Young Ones Portfolio competition is an opportunity for students to showcase examples from their portfolio in a variety of creative disciplines. The Young Ones TDC Competition is for font fanatics and lettering lovers looking to make their mark upon the typography community.

The Young Ones

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Alongside the main cast, the programme also featured a variety of guest appearances, including comedians, actors, and singers, who each took on the role of a supporting character in an episode's plot or cutaway elements. Notable guests on the programme included Ben Elton, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Hale and Pace, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Mark Arden, Stephen Frost, Jools Holland, Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, Anthony Sharp, Terry Jones, Chris Barrie, Norman Lovett, Lenny Henry, David Rappaport, Robbie Coltrane, Tony Robinson, Andy De La Tour, and Emma Thompson.[14]

In the episode "Bambi", the housemates appeared on University Challenge, where they played against Footlights College, Oxbridge, a reference to the Footlights drama club at Cambridge University. The Footlights College team was played by show writer Ben Elton and three actors who were once members of the real Cambridge Footlights: Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, the last of whom had actually appeared on the quiz show while at Cambridge. The episode title is a reference to the show's presenter, Bamber Gascoigne, impersonated by Griff Rhys Jones.[26]

In 1990, ITV puppet series Spitting Image made reference to The Young Ones when four members of the Margaret Thatcher cabinet reminisced about their younger days, with all four playing one Young Ones character each: Cecil Parkinson as Mike, Douglas Hurd as Vyvyan, Michael Heseltine as Rick and Geoffrey Howe as Neil.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real are back with Sticks and Stones, releasing 7/14 via 6ACE Records / Thirty Tigers. This self-produced, honest and emotional new album highlights Nelson's strength as a songwriter and the band's uncompromising commitment to clarity, compassionate tones, and exceptional melodic moments. Lyrically, Sticks and Stones spans the themes of Drinking, Heartbreak, Love, Lying, Hope, Nature, Self-Reflection, Work-Life Balance, Settling Down, Home, Time, Longing and more.

Starting young provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow into valuable members of society. They develop life skills as they get immersed in activities that are outside of their comfort zones. They become socially aware and learn to appreciate their life and value what they have.

While writing the novel, I thought and read a lot about disability and continued to think about all that underestimated potential. I got so enthused about it that I made the other hero of the book a young woman who has paraplegia. The story was about traffic-induced urban paralysis (Gridlock!) and I figured a girl who had to deal with the issue of urban mobility every second of her life, while fighting to have access to the stuff the rest of us take for granted, might prove a fittingly astute and inventive comrade for Geoffrey.

This is arguably the best episode of The Young Ones, where the guys are invited to go on University Challenge, representing Scumbag College, against the posh students of Footlights College Oxbridge played by Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Ben Elton & Emma Thompson. The host of the show is a parody of Bamber Gascoigne played by Griff Rhys Jones, here called Bambi because he was previously the deer in the Disney film and had gone on to do an X-rated sequel. And Mel Smith stars as a receptionist at the TV studio, who has to deal with the pig that Vyvyan has brought along as a mascot. The quiz scene is a lot of fun to watch, as the posh team cheat their way to victory, in response to which the Scumbag team violently eliminate their opponents before being squashed by a giant chocolate eclair.

"Sting Like a Bee", directed by Leone Balduzzi, is a modern take on the almost folkloric courtship practices between the young people of Vasto. Boys like Nicola attempt to gain the affection of the most attractive girls in the town by careening around in a #Piaggio Ape, a post-war utility vehicle that became a popular mode of transport for Italians living in steep, narrow places... Continue reading on NOWNESS 041b061a72


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